Vektor Hernan is a music producer and composer , born and currently based in New York City. Hailed as the ‘City That Never  Sleeps’, so is true of Vektor’s relentless drive and passion to make his unique musical mark in the electronic music scene.

His sense for abnormal fueled compilation of spacey, far-reaching tunes, guaranteed to twist the brains of even the trustiest of Techno heads, lead him to land himself gigs at popular venues like, the legendary NYC nightclub Twilo and Liquid lounge. Two venues where he lit up the dance floors with an intensely raw sound and exhaustible energy, in the booth.

Not fully satisfied with just playing records, and Vektor’s ambition to produce his own tracks. Vektor spent most of his free time in his studio, diligently dissecting new sounds that would eventually define him as a true musician with an deniable talent for the unusual.

These days, the marriage of technology and creativity Vektor’s musical style is a masterpiece, years in the making. His productions take listeners into a new world of bizarrely seductive beats and abstract sounds. An echo of himself, a rare introspective glance into Vektor’s veiled persona. Its is this intense perfectionism that is the driving force behind his productions. His love affair with writing , production, and performance proves that Vektor Hernan is far more then a artist of the moment. He is the artist of tomorrow.

In 2009 Vektor released his debut EP titled ‘FLIPPED’ on the German imprint Schieber Productions. And more recently in 2010 ‘Dwarf EP’ on Packed Music (Spain). Both Flipped and Dwarf were received with great success. Being on the top featured track lists at all online record shops world wide, and even rated ‘Five Stars’ At Trackitdown. While also becoming ‘Staff Picks’ at Beats Digital. Both one of London’s premier online record shops.

This is just the beginning, expect a lot more from this relatively young producer in 2014 and beyond.